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JBD 4S 12.8V 60A Smart BMS With Uart 12v Protection Board For Electric Motor


JBD-SP04S028 is designed by Dongguan jiabaida Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. It is an intelligent protection board scheme specially designed for 4 series battery packs of start-up battery and electric energy storage products. It is suitable for lithium batteries with different chemical properties, such as lithium ion, lithium polymer, lithium iron phosphate, etc. The protection board has strong load carrying capacity and the maximum continuous discharge current can reach 150A.

  • 4 cell series protection
  • Various protection functions for charging and discharging
  • Discharge overcurrent, short circuit protection functional processes of hardware
  • Software over – voltage, under – voltage, temperature, overload protection
  • Accurate SOC calculation, with automatic learning SOC function
  • Hardware discharge over – current, short – circuit protection function processing
  • RS485 and CANBUS communication are reserved.
  • UART communication function, which can read all battery data in real time, and update online
  • Reserve switch control protection panel output


1. What type of charger should I choose?

Lithium battery must choose specific charger, do not use Charger for Leadacid battery, for leadacid charger may have MOS with high pressure breakdown protection, which will not protect of BMS over charge. Life Po4 battery charger voltage=battery string No.X3.6V, while Li-ion battery charger voltage=Battery string No.X4.2V.

2.The relationship between Battery capacity and BMS current?

There is no direct relationship between Battery capacity and BMS current, big capacity doesn`t mean a big battery, but rely on continue current, that is to say if your engine is powerful, your should choose high current of BMS, it is not relied on batterycapacity.

3.Whether my BMS damaged?

If you want to judge if the BMS is damaged, please take the folowing steps, to test if each cell voltage is the same with voltmeter? if the cell voltage difference is over 1.0V, the fault is displayed that it cannot run far, no power supply at the start range, short charge time, all these issues are almost caused by battery cells, if BMS damaged is displyed as no charge, no discharge, no discharge while the battery has voltage.

Additional information

Weight0.7 kg
Dimensions18.5 × 10.5 × 2 cm

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Smart, Smart With UART


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