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14.6V 10A lifepo4 battery charger for 12V M8


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1, universal full range AC input voltage
2, anti-jamming performance, high reliability.
3. DC ripple, high efficiency.
4, low temperature, long service life.

5, small size, high power density
6, good insulation properties, high dielectric strength.
7, full load burn-in temperature, 100% burn-in test
8, short-circuit protection / overload / over voltage protection / overcurrent / overheat protection / function having a constant current

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Our 14.6V 10A lifepo4 battery charger for the 12V European market with M8 connector offers you an efficient, safe and reliable charging solution.

Designed for 12V lifepo4 batteries, this charger features 14.6V output voltage and 10A output current to charge your batteries quickly and efficiently. Whether it’s for domestic, commercial or industrial applications, it will meet your charging needs.

Our charger utilizes advanced charging control technology with multiple protections, including over-current protection, over-temperature protection, short-circuit protection, and reverse connection protection to ensure a safe and reliable charging process. It also features constant current charging and constant voltage charging modes to maximize battery life and improve charging efficiency.

The charger is equipped with an M8 connector for quick and easy connection to 12V lifepo4 batteries. The connectors have good contact performance and durability, ensuring a stable charging process and reliable battery connection.

In addition, our charger complies with European standards and is CE certified to prove that it meets the safety and quality requirements of the European market.

All in all, our 14.6V 10A lifepo4 battery charger is a high-quality product that provides a fast, safe and reliable charging experience. It is an ideal choice for both home and business users!

common problem

Q1: What type of battery is this charger for?
A1: The charger is suitable for 12V lifepo4 batteries.

Q2: What is the output voltage of this charger?
A2: The output voltage of the charger is 14.6V.

Q3: What is the output current of the charger?
A3: The output current of the charger is 10A.

Q4: What kind of protection does the charger have?
A4: The charger has multiple protection functions such as over-current protection, over-temperature protection, short circuit protection and reverse connection protection.

Q5: Does this charger support constant current charging and constant voltage charging?
A5: Yes, the charger supports constant current charging and constant voltage charging modes.

Q6: Does the charger come with a connector?
A6: Yes, the charger is equipped with M8 connector.

Q7: Which region is this charger suitable for?
A7: The charger is suitable for the 12V European market.

Q8: What certifications does the charger have?
A8: The charger is CE certified and meets the safety and quality requirements of the European market.

Q9: Can this charger fast charge batteries?
A9: Yes, the charger has an output current of 10A and is able to fast charge the battery.

Q10: What applications is the charger suitable for?
A10: The charger is suitable for domestic, commercial and industrial applications, providing an efficient, safe and reliable charging solution for 12V lifepo4 batteries.

Customer installation sharing case

Our 14.6V 10A lifepo4 battery charger with M8 Connectors has been successfully installed in a residential setting. The installation process was seamless, and the charger has been providing efficient and reliable charging for the 12V lifepo4 batteries.

Firstly, the homeowner carefully connected the M8 connectors of the charger to the 12V lifepo4 battery terminals. With a secure and stable connection established, the installation proceeded smoothly.

Once the charger was connected, it immediately started the charging process with a constant current. The homeowner was pleased to observe the LED indicator on the charger, which clearly displayed the charging status. The charger seamlessly switched to a constant voltage mode once the battery reached the desired charge level.

Throughout the charging process, the homeowner appreciated the multiple safety protections provided by the charger. The overcurrent protection ensured that the charging current remained within safe limits, while the over-temperature protection prevented any overheating issues. Additionally, the short-circuit protection and reverse connection protection gave the homeowner peace of mind, knowing that the charger would safeguard against any potential accidents.

The efficient charging performance of the charger was also highly valued. With an output current of 10A, the batteries were charged at a rapid rate, significantly reducing the overall charging time. This allowed the homeowner to quickly utilize the fully charged batteries for their intended applications.

Moreover, the charger’s compliance with European standards and its CE certification further reassured the homeowner regarding its safety and quality. They were pleased to have a charger that met the stringent requirements of the European market.

In conclusion, the installation of our 14.6V 10A lifepo4 battery charger with M8 Connectors in a residential setting was a success. The homeowner experienced a seamless installation process, efficient and reliable charging performance, and the peace of mind provided by the charger’s safety features and compliance with European standards.


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