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can i use 3 12v batteries in a golf cart

Can I use 3 12V batteries in a golf cart?

Many golf carts are powered by a 36V electric motor system, which traditionally requires six 6V batteries or three 12V batteries to function. However, it is important to confirm the specifications of your specific golf cart model to determine the recommended battery configuration.

Benefits of using three 12V batteries in a golf cart:

1. Cost-effectiveness: Using three 12V batteries instead of six 6V batteries can often be more cost-effective, as 12V batteries are generally less expensive than 6V counterparts.

2. Easier replacement: When a battery fails in a six 6V battery configuration, all six batteries need to be replaced. With three 12V batteries, only one or two batteries need to be replaced at a time, reducing costs and hassle.

3. Simplified maintenance: Maintaining and monitoring three 12V batteries is less time-consuming compared to six 6V batteries, as there are fewer batteries to check and maintain.

Considerations before using three 12V batteries:

1. Battery compatibility: Ensure that the golf cart’s electrical system is compatible with three 12V batteries. Consult the manufacturer’s guidelines or seek professional advice to confirm compatibility.

2. Capacity and runtime: Although three 12V batteries may offer the same voltage, they may not provide the same runtime or capacity as six 6V batteries. Evaluate your golf cart’s power requirements and compare battery specifications to ensure sufficient power supply.

3. Space limitations: Check if the golf cart has enough physical space to accommodate three 12V batteries. It is essential to consider battery size and dimensions to ensure a proper fit within the cart’s battery compartment.


While using three 12V batteries in a golf cart can be a cost-effective and simplified maintenance option, specific considerations and compatibility must be addressed. Always consult the manufacturer’s recommendations or seek professional guidance to ensure the suitability of this battery configuration for your golf cart.

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