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how to charge 3 12v batteries in series

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Charging 3 12V Batteries in Series


When it comes to charging batteries, it’s essential to understand the proper procedure and precautions. In this article, we’ll guide you on how to charge three 12V batteries in series, ensuring a safe and efficient charging process.

Step 1: Gather the Required Equipment

Before you begin, collect the necessary equipment, including a battery charger compatible with 36 volts, insulated cables, and safety goggles. It’s vital to wear these goggles throughout the procedure to protect your eyes from any potential accidents.

Step 2: Safety First

Remember that safety should be your top priority. Ensure the battery charger and cables are in good condition, without any visible damage. Remove any metallic objects near the batteries to prevent accidents. Keep a fire extinguisher nearby as a precautionary measure.

Step 3: Connect the Cables in Series

Start by connecting the cable’s positive (red) clamp to the first battery’s positive terminal. Then, connect the negative (black) clamp of the same cable to the second battery’s negative terminal. Repeat this process, connecting the positive clamp of the second cable to the second battery’s positive terminal, and the negative clamp to the third battery’s negative terminal.

Step 4: Connect the Charger

Plug the charger into a power source, ensuring it is compatible with the voltage required for charging your batteries. Connect the charger’s positive clamp to the first battery’s positive terminal and the negative clamp to the third battery’s negative terminal.

Step 5: Start Charging

Once all the connections are securely in place, turn on the charger. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions to set the appropriate charging parameters, such as voltage and charging duration. Monitor the charging process closely, ensuring the batteries do not overheat.


In conclusion, charging three 12V batteries in series requires careful consideration of safety measures and proper connection methods. By following the steps outlined in this guide, you can safely charge your batteries and maximize their performance. Remember, always adhere to the manufacturer’s guidelines for your specific battery charger to ensure optimal results.

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