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Integrating 48V Wall Mounted Battery with Victron Inverters for a Danish Corporate Energy System

A forward-thinking Danish company recently upgraded their corporate energy system by incorporating six BR-OW-LV 14.3KWH batteries and three Victron inverters. This integration aims to bolster the sustainability and efficiency of their operations. This post explores the specific requirements of the Danish business environment and details how this system configuration addresses those needs.

Customer Requirements

The Danish firm, focusing on sustainability and operational efficiency, required an energy system that could:

Support a green energy initiative

  • Provide robust power backup to mitigate any grid inconsistencies
  • Offer scalability in line with their growth projections
  • Allow for remote monitoring and easy maintenance
  • The Solution: BR-OW-LV 14.3KWH and Victron Inverters
  • Battery and Inverter Compatibility
    The chosen BR-OW-LV 14.3KWH batteries utilize stable and safe lithium iron phosphate technology, making them ideal for long-term, high-capacity energy storage. These batteries support essential communication protocols such as RS232, RS485, and CAN, crucial for integrating with advanced inverter systems like those from Victron​​.

The Victron inverters are known for their high compatibility with various battery types and their robust performance in diverse operational environments, a necessary feature in the fluctuating climate of Denmark.

Installation and Operation

The installation process for the BR-OW-LV batteries is designed to be user-friendly with a plug-and-play approach, which is vital for minimizing downtime during setup​​. The system’s ability to connect up to 15 units in parallel offers the scalability required to expand alongside the company’s growth​​.

Additionally, Victron’s inverters come with built-in monitoring tools that work seamlessly with the BR-OW-LV batteries’ Bluetooth and WIFI functionalities, providing real-time data on system performance and health. This integration is critical for ensuring operational reliability and efficiency, particularly in energy-intensive industries.

Energy Efficiency and Sustainability

Denmark’s focus on renewable energy aligns well with the energy-efficient features of the BR-OW-LV batteries, which boast more than 6000 cycles at 80% depth of discharge, providing a long service life and reducing waste​​.

The combination of these batteries with Victron inverters creates a system that not only meets the current energy demands efficiently but also supports Denmark’s renewable energy goals. The Victron inverters efficiently convert and manage the power supplied by the batteries, maximizing the system’s overall efficiency and aligning with the country’s environmental standards.

The integration of BR-OW-LV 14.3KWH batteries with Victron inverters provides the Danish company with a scalable, efficient, and sustainable energy solution. This system supports the company’s growth and sustainability initiatives while ensuring robust and reliable energy management tailored to the specific needs of the Danish business environment. The use of advanced technologies from BR-OW-LV and Victron highlights the company’s commitment to adopting innovative solutions to enhance their operations and reduce their environmental footprint.

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