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Providing Cost-Effective Energy for Homes in the Middle East with Solar Solutions

In the Middle East, where there is a growing demand for sustainable and affordable energy solutions, BasenGreen’s 48V range of wall-mounted solar energy storage products is proving to be not only innovative, but also practical and affordable. These systems are especially important in densely populated urban areas where efficient, reliable and affordable energy solutions are critical.

Customized energy solutions for urban environments

BasenGreen’s 48V series utilizes state-of-the-art Lithium Iron Phosphate (LiFePO4) technology, known for its safety and longevity. Each unit is equipped with an advanced Battery Management System (BMS) that prevents common power problems, making it ideal for high-demand environments in residential buildings.

Maximize Savings with Peak Shaving

The peak shaving feature of the 48V Series is especially beneficial in urban areas where energy costs can soar during peak hours. By storing excess solar power during off-peak hours and releasing it during peak hours, these systems help stabilize the grid and significantly reduce energy costs. This not only stabilizes the local power grid, but also makes solar power a financially attractive option for homeowners.

Customized Solutions for Power-Scarce Areas

In areas where power shortages are common, the 48V Series can provide not only backup power, but also a continuous, reliable source of energy. For example, a recent installation in a rural community near Abu Dhabi involved the installation of multiple units on a residential property. Each unit is configured to maximize the use of solar energy during the day, store excess energy, and supply power at night or in the event of a grid outage, effectively ensuring 24/7 power.

Detailed Installation Example: Residential Building in Jeddah

In a recent project in Jeddah, BasenGreen worked with a local installer to install 48V series solar cells on a residential building. By storing the solar energy generated during the day and using it during high demand times, these systems can help residents to significantly reduce their electricity bills. The installation was designed to be minimally invasive and quick, respecting the aesthetics and structural integrity of the residential building.

Technicians performed a detailed assessment of each apartment to optimize the placement of solar panels and energy storage. The systems were mounted discreetly in the garage and on the wall for aesthetics and ease of viewing. Each unit was connected to an inverter, which was compatible with the building’s existing electrical system, making integration smooth and seamless.

Residents now not only spend less on their electricity bills, but also have the comfort of a backup power source in the event of a power outage, a major advantage in areas with frequent power fluctuations.


Cost-effective energy solution

The BasenGreen 48V series offers a pragmatic, economical solution for municipal and off-grid residents, delivering a substantial return on investment through reduced utility costs and increased energy independence. The installation process is handled by skilled local technicians, ensuring that the system is installed with minimal disruption to daily life.

basengreen JANA POWER

By adopting BasenGreen’s systems, Middle Eastern city dwellers are not only saving money on energy costs, they are also contributing to a sustainable future and reducing the carbon footprint of their communities.

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