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will a 12v battery run a 6v power wheel

Can a 12V Battery Power a 6V Power Wheel?


The Power Wheel is a popular toy among children, providing them with hours of entertainment as they zoom around in their miniature vehicles. These battery-powered toys usually come with a 6V battery. However, there may be instances where one might wonder if a 12V battery can be used to power a 6V Power Wheel. In this article, we will explore this question in depth and unveil the implications of such a setup.

Understanding the Difference between 12V and 6V:

Before delving into the feasibility of using a 12V battery to power a 6V Power Wheel, it is important to understand the fundamental difference between the two voltage levels. Voltage is a measure of electrical potential, and higher voltages signify a greater force pushing the electrical current. Therefore, a 12V battery provides twice as much electrical force as a 6V battery. Consequently, powering a 6V Power Wheel with a 12V battery demands careful consideration.

Potential Risks of Using a 12V Battery on a 6V Power Wheel:

1. Overheating and Damage: One of the primary concerns arises from the fact that a 6V Power Wheel is not designed to handle the higher voltage output of a 12V battery. This increased electrical force can lead to overheating within the Power Wheel’s electrical components, potentially causing damage or even a fire hazard.

2. Motor Burnout: The motor within the Power Wheel is specifically designed to operate at 6V. Utilizing a 12V battery can exert excessive stress on the motor, leading to an increased risk of burnout. This can result in the motor malfunctioning or becoming completely inoperable.

3. Safety of the Child: The primary reason for using a 6V battery in a Power Wheel is to ensure the safety of the child operating it. The 6V battery provides a controlled and appropriate speed for children. By using a 12V battery, the Power Wheel may move at an unsafe speed that can put the child at risk of accidents or injury.


In conclusion, using a 12V battery to power a 6V Power Wheel is not recommended. The higher voltage level poses potential risks to the Power Wheel’s electrical components, such as overheating and damage, motor burnout, and jeopardizing the safety of the child. It is crucial to adhere to the manufacturer’s specifications and only use the recommended battery voltage for this type of toy. As responsible adults, it is our duty to prioritize the safety and well-being of children and ensure that they enjoy their toys without unnecessary risks.

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